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Understanding the audience and their response is probably the most important aspect of making movie marketing and promotion a success. This golden age of information has made it possible to gather tons of data on audience preferences, movies and their performance.

The arrival of big data, machine learning and analytics has opened up avenues in a multitude of arenas including the film industry. At Woodcutter, we leverage these powerful technologies and help filmmakers understand how their audience see their projects, where they stand compared to similar films and help them with their promotion strategies.

What We Offer

Sentiment Measurement

Get a deeper understanding of what your audience talk about your project. Know their likes, dislikes and expectations.

Performance Benchmarking

Compare performance of your movie or video content with that of content in the same genre. You will know where you stand and where you need to improve.

Promotion Strategy

With our bots bringing in relevant industry data from all over the web, you can now design and launch your promotions with the content that connects with your audience and at the sweetspot time that gets you maximum reach.

Woodcutter Labs

Success Prediction

Using historical data of thousands of films, our machine learning system identifies successful and unsuccessful patterns in scripts, casting and other aspects of the films. This enables us to predict success probability, box office revenue of a new script and also suggest changes to the script and/or cast.

Emotion Tracking

Computer vision program that captures and analyzes emotions of characters in a film. Get the emotional journey of your characters visualized and evaluate screenplay, actor skills among other things.

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